Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview with Porcell

Fukk yess, kali ini selain punya kontributor baru, United Blood juga punya materi yang bisa dibilang spesial, Sekitar 2 minggu yang lalu xpc88x yang juga seorang singer dari Slow Down berbicara kepada saya tentang interview dia dengan John Porcell, dan menawarkan agar interviewnya diposting di UxB, dengan senang hati saya dan tanpa pikir panjang saya langsung meng-iya-kan, check this one out yo !

As we all know that Porcell is joining Bold for their reunion tour and they are gonna be in Jakarta in feb 7th 2010 for their southeast asia tour. Being one of HC icon back in 80’s, he was involved in several bands like Violent Children, Youth Republicans, Project X, Judge and off course, one of distinguished sxe band for all time– Youth of Today. I think it’s great to have Bold and Porcell and see them live at the same stage. So if you kids are planning to see them on feb, maybe below interview will give a bit heads up to know about Porcell. This interview was made in mid jan 2010 by giving list of questions to him. So kids, enjoy reading the interview!!!


1.What's your current activities?

I'm a graphic designer and I also run my own straight edge merch company, True Till Death (

Porcell wear his own straight edge merch company, True Till Death (

2.How is your family? You have a boy, right? How do you manage your time between music, working and Family?

I have a son and a daughter, they are the loves of my life, mostly my time goes to working and them. But I think I'm going to do a new band this year, I have some plans!

3.How is your view becoming straight edge and vegetarian? We heard that many of SxE heros (people whom had sxe band in 80's) have broken their edge. Some of them become SxE again. Any comment about that?

I think you have to become straight edge for personal reasons, not out of group mentality. If you're happy with your lifestyle then it won't bother you if others break edge or whatever. Only people that are straight edge to pump up their egos get all upset over who broke edge or not. Do it for yourself.

4.When did you decide to join for bold reunion?

I played in Bold back in the day and toured with them a lot back then, so when they asked me to join them for the reunions I said yes. It's great to hang out with those guys again, they are really great friends of mine.

5.What's the story behind Bringin’ it down?

Bringin' It Down came about because we were touring Europe and we didn't have an opening band, so we made one up! It's really just for fun and gives kids a chance to sing a long to those songs again.

Porcell singing for Bringin' It Down

6.Any plan to do Youth of Today reunion? Many people in Asia are waiting that moment to be true :)

No, I really don't see that happening. We did a couple of reunion shows in America and a reunion tour in Europe already a few years back and I think that's going to be it, sorry to disappoint anyone.

7.Do you still keep in touch with Ray Cappo and Mike Judge? How is your relationship with them right now?

I haven't seen either of them in a long time!

8.It's good to know that you have sxe clothing 'true till death'. How is it going now? Anyone that you have endorsed to wear it as part of promotion?

True Till Death is going amazingly well, the latest person I endorsed is the drummer for Fall Out Boy, who's totally straight edge and very cool!

9.What band are you listening recently?

I listen to mostly Morrissey and old punk. For newer bands I really liked Have Heart, although they just broke up. I also love Alkaline Trio a lot, props to those guys.

10.Name at least 5 band, the most hc punk bands that influnced you the most and why ?

Minor Threat- for putting into words exactly how I felt growing up... "Out of Step". 7 Seconds- for teaching me that music could be hard and positive at the same time. Agnostic Front- for uniting the New York Hardcore scene. Black Flag-for showing me that when you play live, you should give blood, sweat and tears. The Smiths- because Morrissey is the greatest lyricist of all time.

11.Any plan to record new song?if yes under which band and label?

I doubt Bold will record anything, although we did record the Supertouch song "Searching for the Light" for the Revelation covers compilation coming out soon.

12.I noticed that bold did its reunion tour back in 2006. Please tell us interesting stories.

That was an awesome tour, it's always fun to play Europe because it's such a different place from America. I expect Southeast Asia to be great as well.

13.Who's the original member in Bold? From 4 of them who do you like the most and why ?

Tim and Matt were originally in Bold (Zulu and Drew also played back then. I really like Tim because he's 39 years old and looks like he's 19, gotta give him props for that!

14.What's your planning after bold tour is over?

Coming home and kissing my kids! I'm also working on a book about Straight Edge that will come out this year.

15.Beside bold songs, will the band sing cover song? If yes which song? project x perhaps :) ?

Maybe, don't want to give anything away.

16.Do you have any message for kids in Jakarta?

Save the world, go vegetarian!

17.Thanks for the interview and we are looking forward to meet you with bold and bringin’ it down.

Take care bro... xxx