Monday, August 11, 2014

UB's mixtape on Whiteboard Journal

Hai!, Heart Attack vol 5 sudah terbit minggu lalu di Whiteboard Journal. Check it fucking out!

Ada 16 band yang saya masukin ke playlist ini. Sederetan band yang mungkin saja belum kamu ketahui, atau band yang mungkin saja terlewatkan masanya melampaui jangkauan umurmu. Atau, band yang kamu sering lihat tapi tak menyadari bahwa ada track keren di album mereka yang mungkin saja belum kamu miliki. 

01. Satu Kepalan – Malas (Taken from "Malas" album)
02. Anti Squad – Freedom and Justice (Taken from "Indonesian Proud" album)
03. Lowlife – Fuck You (Taken from "Demo 2012". Madafaka Records)
04. Tanpa Batas – Hardcore Dropout (Taken from "Depressed" album)
05. The Jinxz – No Disco (Taken from "Now The World Will Listen" album. Movement Records)
06. Fukk Bar Culture – Bandrekos Is The Bestos (Taken from "Broken Minds" EP. Ancaman Records)
07. Let’s Go – Look Around (Taken from "EP 2014")
08. Nutmeg – We Just Come (Taken from "The Teenager Who Love Punk" demo)
09. CBA – Just For Fun (Taken from "Leave The Cage" album. Samstrong Records)
10. Triple X – Don’t Wanna Hate You (Taken from "Rock For Fun" album)
11. Bedebah Bangsat – Underground Djarum (Taken from "Bedebah Memang Bangsat" EP)
12. Keep The Faith – Hardcore For Skins (Taken from "Hardcore For Skins" EP)
13. Final Attack – Working Trash (Taken from "Legitimate Threat" album. Firstnote Records)
14. Martyr – Hiperialistik (Taken from "Our Eyes Are Closed" album. Commitment Asia Records)
15. Bored – We Hate Cops (Taken from "Demo 2012")
16. Robomurphy – F.Y.H.R (Taken from their Demo somewhere in 2008)

Download it, listen it. Support them by buying their album and stuff. Cheers!

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