Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Sejujurnya, saya termasuk mereka yang tidak sempat nonton Anjing Tanah di era-nya. Sama hal-nya seperti Domestik Doktrin, dan Hark!, saya hanya bisa menikmati Anjing Tanah melalui cerita dari mulut ke mulut dan Youtube, and i thank for that.

Anjing Tanah sudah mengakhiri masanya hampir sepuluh tahun yang lalu (koreksi jika salah), namun minggu lalu, sebuah surat elektronik masuk mengabarkan bahwa single mereka yang terpendam dan tak pernah beredar sebelumnya (akhirnya) naik ke permukaan. Adalah teman dari Ruang Kecil Records yang mengirimi kabar dan menyebarkannya kemana-mana termasuk blogzine ini. Berikut adalah catatan kecil dari Anjing Tanah yang juga ikut dilampirkan bersamaan surat elektronik yang datang kepada saya.


Some of you may already know, AnjingxTanah has signed a pact with Ruangkecil Recs to release our final material from 2005, previously unreleased & been dwelling on the deepest depth of our mom’s underwear drawer for 10 miserable years.

The reason we’re doing this now is because we’re sick of your "post someshittymusicalgenre” crap, sick of your scene, sick of your oh-so-fashionable-yet-smell-like-a-homeless-man-unwashed-balls battle-vests, sick of all the hipster bullshits, sick of all the anarcho bullshits, sick of all the unity bullshits, sick of all the positive mental attitude bullshits, sick of all the tough guy bullshits, & sick of the holier-than-thou bullshits you spew all over everything.

We hate it all.

We hate your crew, your stupid hairstyle, your dumb band shirts that nobody ever gave a fuck about, your STD-infested groupies, your delusional cause, your garbage band’s music as well as the original garbage band that you stole it from. But most of all, we hate how you distant yourselves from the path of the Fallen One. Music has always been the instrument of The Devil, to separate it is an act of treason
to the teachings of The Dark Lord. You have awaken the anger of The Ancient One, and His wrath shall be your final hours.

The Judgement Night, The End of Days, The Swagpocalypse.

That’s why we’re doing this. We want to end things, destroy everything, spared nothing. We want to summoned hellfire, we want to fiddle while the world gets crushed under The Morning Star's feet, ourselves included. We don’t give a shit, we give less fuck than a drunk one-legged grenade juggler on a unicycle. We don’t care, we just want to see everything burn.

Ad Majorem Dei Nostri Satanas Gloriam, Luciferi Excelsi. RELEASE THE THRASHENED!! .

Signed, sealed, baptized in blood;
AxTx, The Four Horsemen of the Swagpocalypse

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